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trained in studio and live sound production, generiq is a multifaceted musician and producer who likes to dip into just about anything. "i've been inspired by every sound i have ever heard...musical or not." starting his musical career as a guitarist and songwriter in numerous bands, it wasnt until around '97 that he began to discover there was more to "electroniq musiq" than he realized. before he knew it he was making his own drum n bass and hip hop traks on his computer. teamed with his long time musical partner owsley (aka. digitninja) they found ways to integrate hardware and software into a perfect mix. the pair along with some fellow artists form the crew =tech [equal-technologies], and are currently working on several projects that will include live performances throughout the year 2003. go to the new-musiq page to listen to the latest traks in progress from generiq, and =tech.

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