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=An interview w/ DJ Titan [06/18/03]=

Q:// When/How/Why did you start spinning DnB?
A:// ive always been a fan, then i saw some local djs spinning at raves, saw the hype, and wanted to be able to help control that kind of positive vibe...

Q:// Who taught or influenced you the most when you were first getting into DnB?
A:// Dieselboy.

Q:// What kind of gear/software did you start out using?
A:// gemini xl-500 I, and some gemini 2 channel, no eq mixer, i got it off of ebay for $350...i put wax paper under my slipmats so the let-go time would be more like technic's, then tighten'd up the pitch control so it would skate almost as tight as technic's too....worked out kinda cool!

Q:// Where/When was your first gig, or the first time one of your tunes was played out?
A:// at this place called the den, its now the velvet hooka, my first big thing was at the forest theater, part of a 2 day new years thing with headliners Aaron Ochoa, Ron-E, and Disco Agents.

Q:// What was your reaction, and how did you handle your first public performance?
A://fun, always is, always should be.

Q:// What was the crowds reaction?
A:// mild, since there was little....

Q:// When did your DJ/Production career start to pick up?
A://hmmm, dunno, just started playing at all these different places, i'd say that this entire year [2003] has been very positive so far, and seems to keep going....

Q:// Who all helped and supported you the most when you were struggling to promote and make a name for yourself in the scene?
A:// lots of people, jessika axle and eric with gremlin productions, jem, kellen, and chris, my good friends who always enjoy all of the music i have to offer.... my mom, pibb, myecha....and generiq, of course for hookin all the recordings, without things like encouragement and support from people like this, none of this would be possible...

Q:// When/Where was the best performance you ever gave, and what made it so great?
A:// too many to list, i remember this one time i played and the crowd was so intense that when i got to bed that night, i was full of so much hype and adrenaline, that i couldnt sleep!

Q:// When/Where was the worst performance you ever gave, and what made it so bad?
A:// at the vibeflow radio show, i hadn't played in a while, i was getting over the flu, and i felt a lot of pressure for some reason, that i just, well, sucked.

Q:// When/Where/Who was the best live performance you have seen from the crowd?

Q:// What are the most memorable events you have played at, or been a part of?
A:// anytime that the crowd was hype, pibb is a big help with that....actually, i can pretty much remember almost anytime i played,they all had their moments....

Q:// What other artists do you listen to when you are not making music of your own?
A:// deftones, incubus, afi, weezer, at the drive in, dj shadow, roni size, bjork, blackalicious, korn, tool.

Q:// What is in your car CD player right now? A:// bjork-homogenic

Q:// What all has changed about your style since you first started spinning/producing?
A:// everything, u get better with time and practice, as with anything else in life...

Q:// What has changed about the DnB scene in general since you first got into it?
A:// its not as underground as it used to seem.....decibel is gone, and has been for years, and that sucks, but on the brighter side, we still get our dnb events, big crowds, small crowds, they are still there, and mad fun too...

Q:// Where do you think DnB will be in 10 years?
A:// i look at it like this, dnb is almost a decade or so old, and i see it progressing the same way any underground music does, it grows with time....look at punk rock today, and look at it ten years ago, thats where i HOPE dnb to be, even if it does mean commercialism, hell it already is today, there are countless djs out there already taking sponsorships from big skate names like etnies and dc shoe co....i would do it if i could....

Q:// Do you think you will still be spinning/producing DnB in 10 years?
A:// yes

Q:// Who do you think are the top 5 most creative DnB producers ever?
1:// Kemal 2:// Fresh 3:// Tech-Itch 4:// Roni-Size 5:// [TIE]Ram + Virus

Q:// What are your top 5 all time DnB tunes or albums? 1:// new forms-roni size and reprezent 2:// inside the machine-bad companyuk 3:// let it move you - kemal 4:// pac man rmx - ed rush and optical 5:// innocense - fresh and fierce

Q:// What gear/software are you using currently?
A:// technics sl1200 mk2s, gemini umx-7, sony cdj-100s

Q:// When/How did you upgrade from your previuos setup?
A:// work

Q:// What would be your ultimate DJ/Studio setup as far as gear/software? A:// ed rush and optical's studio

Q:// What projects do you currently have in the works, with whom, and where do you hope to go with those?
A:// voodoo people remix with system and my friend collin, hopefully it will be bangin, the intro is definetly rockin at the moment....i also hope to have the opportunnity to remix a tune and work on a tune with spamgazm soon....syphon from future step would also be cool to work with, and there is always something going on with the =tech crew, so look out! oh, and there is always the current mix that im always trying to distribute./.

Q:// What websites do you reccomend for someone who is interested in learning more about DnB and spinning/producing?

Q:// Any suggestions for those that are just getting into the scene, or spinning/producing DnB?
A:// do it for fun and the music.

Q:// Who will be the next big thing in DnB?
A:// dj force ;) and subpoint crew!!

Q:// Where can we see you, and where can we listen to your music?
A:// on this site, and any spot in dallas that is playing dnb....
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