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Sarahtonin has been gracing the Texas DnB scene with her presence ever since she moved from Little Rock/Memphis in June 2001.She has been a resident, and also run various weeklies in the Dallas Metroplex area nonstop. Sarahtonin works extremely hard at what she does, and has displayed her talents all over the U.S. in 9 different states, and in Canada. She has become very well respected all over; not only because of her talent, but for what she is doing for the U.S.DnB scene, and other female dj's. For the past year, Sarah has been throwing DnB events 1-2 times a month here in Dallas. She focuses on getting DnB producer/dj's out here from all over the US that have not been here before, but deserve the chance to get their music and skills known. She has consistently brought in great talent for the dallas headz to experience, and hasmad respect for doing it. She also has ran an all female night here in Dallas with the SMD residents, and guests female's each week. Now she currently is a resident of "beaver fever," which is another female weekly where she plays the darkest and hardest DnB. Sarahtonin definately has a good name all across the US, and she is also makingfellow DnB artists well known to Dallas. She would like to give a shout out to her crews and friends, "Much love to =tech, Junglistic Behavior crew, and Subpoint. Also, big up to Scientia Recordings, Inverse Rhythm Recordings, and all of the true headz across the nation that have supported me, and my events.. thank you!"


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