Here are some basic instructions on how to easily record professional sounding digital audio on the hard drive of your PC

You will need:


Hook up all of your stuff, and set up your software.

                                  sample rate = 44,100 or 44.1khz

                                  bit rate = 16-bit

                                  channels = Stereo   F.Y.I: these are the standard settings for CD audio. if your system is capable of higher sample and bit rates you can use them for higher       quality recording, however before it can be burned on a cd the audio must be converted to 44.1khz 16bit Stereo.

Your computer and mixer should now be setup to record. once your start the recording, watch the meters on the computer and use the volume controls on the mixer to boost or cut the volume when needed during recording. be sure as soon as you are finished recording you save the file to your hard drive somewhere that you will know where to find it, and give it a name you will remember.



Its time to edit the audio file to make it sound as good as possible, and to seperate the tracks for your cd. At this time you can also layer additional audio tracks onto your mix, ormany other possibilities. At this time we will focus on simply tracking out and normalizing a straight mix.


There you have it:

Now you know the basics. Each time you repeat this process, I guarantee you will learn something else to help make it sound better the next time. Dont be afraid to play around with your audio software and try out all of the effects parameters. You can always use the Undo button to fix all of your problems. Here are the most important things to remember:


written 09/29/01 by eriq for generiq-musiq additional questions write to